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Oxford in Movies and TV Series: All Filming Locations and How to Visit Them

Movies and TV series filmed in Oxford

Many movies and TV series were filmed in Oxford. Are you looking for some ideas to explore the city and think you’ve seen it all? Are you a film enthusiast, and someone who takes pride in recognising recorded places? Explore the list of films, the locations used, and how you can visit them today, and discover the city in a new (spot)light. 

Accident (1967)


This film is about an Austrian student that is accepted into Oxford University and gets involved with a couple of professors. Film locations used include St. Johns College, Magdalen College, the High Street, and the River Cherwell. 

Oxford Blues (1984)


Oxford Blues is a remake of the film “A Yank in Oxford” (which was, by the way, NOT filmed in Oxford!). In it, a young Rob Lowe drives a car through the city. 

Shadowlands (1993)


This is a movie about C.S Lewis, and it’s filmed across several recognisable locations, including the Sheldonian Theatre, Magdalen College Chapel and Dining Hall, Duke Humfrey’s Library, Randolph Hotel, and Magdalen Bridge.

The Oxford Murders (2008)


The Oxford Murders is a murder-mystery film set in Oxford (in case you haven’t guessed it by the name :)). Some of its scenes were filmed in Broad Steet, different university colleges, and The White Horse. 

X-men: First Class (2011)


This X-Men prequel shows Xavier’s time at Oxford University. Some of the locations featured include the Sheldonian Theatre and the Bridge of Sighs

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


The latest instalment of Michael Bay’s Transformers film franchise was filmed in Oxford too. You will easily identify Radcliffe Square when you watch it. 

The Mummy (2017)


In this instalment of the film franchise The Mummy, the mummy terrorises Oxford! (and then moves on to London). Locations used include New College Lane and Radcliffe Square.

The Harry Potter Films


Of course, many scenes in the Harry Potter movies were filmed in Oxford (and others were closely inspired by its colleges). You can see the full list of Harry Potter filming locations in this article

Doctor Strange (2016)


The first Doctor Strange movie actually features an Oxford location: Exeter College Chapel. You can see it get twisted and bent and it’s quite a visual spectacle. 

The Favourite (2018)


Did you know that Olivia Coleman won an Oscar for her role in The Favourite? She portrayed Queen Anne. Oxford locations used for this film included Balliol College and Divinity School. 

Tolkien (2019)


This film features the formative years of J. R. R. Tolkien in Oxford. It was set in several Oxford University locations, including Exeter College and the Fellow’s Garden near the Radcliffe Camera

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