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Oxford University Visiting Scholars: What to Expect & How to Prepare

Oxford Christ Church College - Image courtesy ofArnaud Malon

Oxford University regularly receives academics for visits that can last from a month to a year. Academic visitors are usually provided with a University card, access to library services, printing facilities, and often with a workspace and University email address. Learn more about becoming a visiting scholar and how to prepare for your visit to Oxford.

Who Can Visit and Research at Oxford University?

The University of Oxford receives academics that are employed at universities overseas. For those who want to visit for less than a month, researchers also have the option of visiting Oxford’s libraries and attending seminars. Graduate students can also study under the supervision of an Oxford academic using the Recognised Student status.

There are two types of visiting researchers to the University:

  • Visiting Scholars (meaning people who are staff or research-active in other institutions)
  • Doctoral Researchers (who are registered as doctoral students at any other institution).

How do you Apply to Become a Visiting Scholar at Oxford?

The first step towards visiting Oxford as a scholar is determine the sort of visitor you are. Undergraduates and master students should start by contacting the Study Abroad Office at their current institution for advice on how to apply. Doctoral students can contact the department and professor they would like to visit directly. Once they have agreed on the visit, they can officially apply online here: Graduate Admissions. Most departments will ask you to send them a programme application form, a resume, a letter of support from the academic supporting your visit, and evidence of funding.

Faculty members should consult  Oxford’s divisions and departments are listed here, arrange a visa, look for accommodation, and check how to open a bank account, arrange healthcare and make connections with other researchers.

Can you Apply for Funding for your Visit to Oxford?

Most Oxford Departments and research centres will charge a small fee to cover the administrative and practical costs of visitors (such as assisting with your visa, providing you with desk space, etc).

You can apply for funding to help you plan your visit to the University. You can find information on potential funders is here: External funding schemes.

The following organisations have funding schemes for academic visitors:

Why do Scholars Visit Oxford?

Oxford University has a thriving international community that includes academics, researchers and students. There are normally about 140 countries represented and engaged in research at Oxford. Its cosmopolitan environment offers a supportive and fascinating atmosphere for academics. 

Useful Links for Visiting Scholars

You might found these useful if you’re staff:

There’s also a club for new members’ partners:

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