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Literature & Movies Filmed In or Featuring Oxford

Oxford has been a prominent setting in both literature and movies for many years. In fact, its stunning architecture, rich history, and academic atmosphere have made it an attractive backdrop for various works of fiction and cinema, including The Golden Compass, His Dark Materials, Good Omens, and A Discovery of Witches.

In this section, I invite you to explore literature landmarks and filming locations in Oxford and its surrounding areas. Delve into the world of Harry Potter, Tolkien, Lewis, Carrol, and many more.

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Oxford Movies and TV Series

Oxford’s timeless charm, academic aura, and architectural beauty continue to captivate both writers and filmmakers, making it a frequent and captivating setting in literature and cinema. To make things a little easier to explore, I’ve turned each of them into a separate article with images, maps, and how to visit these famous locations.

Our collection of articles with ideas for things to do and see, the history of this incredible city, the University, its museums, literature and movie inspirations, filming locations, and much more.