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The Turl Street Mitre Hotel

The Turl Street Mitre Hotel offers both 17th-century charm and modern comfort for those visiting Oxford. The hotel is set within 350 yards of the Univesity and about 200 yards from Exeter College. Its rooms feature wi-fi, are equipped with desks and kettles and offer many units with city views. 

The Turl Street Mitre History

The Mitre has been owned by Lincoln College since 1475. However, its history is even older. 

In 1310, several houses in what is now High and Turl street were converted into an inn. These have changed so much you can’t really say whether there ane elements from the original places, but one thing we know for sure: The 13th cellars are the same!

The inn was acquired by Lincoln College and named after its Ishop, which is depicted in the college’s coat of arms. During the 17th century, the Mitre was an important coaching inn. In fact, there were about three weekly coaches that ran between the Mitre and London. 

Turl Hotel Mitre - Room VIew
Turl Hotel Mitre - Room VIew

Why Is It Called The Mitre?

The name derives from Lincoln College’s founder’s headgear, which is prominently displayed atop the hotel entrance. This impressive facade dates from 1631.

Where is the Turl Street Mitre Hotel?

The hotel is located at Turl Street Mitre, Turl St, Oxford OX1 3DN