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The Oxford Old Bank Hotel

The Oxford Old Bank Hotel is a five-star hotel built on a Georgian site and located within minutes of the most beautiful Oxford University colleges and museums. Within the hotel, there is also the Quod Restaurant and Bar, famous for its stone floors, leather banquette seating, and oval zinc-toped bar. 

The Old Bank Hotel History

The Old Bank hotel dates back to the 18th century. Number 93 was built in 1775 and the five left bays were added in 1798. In 1902, the Magpie Lane corner was rebuilt to imitate a house from the 16th century. In 1980, this building (which was a separate stationary shop) was joined with what is now the hotel. 

The hotel now was 42 rooms overlooking Oxford’s spires and towers. All rooms are air-conditioned and includes a number of famous 20th century paintings, including works by Stanley Spencer,  Craigie Aitchison, Michael Ayrton, Sandra Blow, Roger Hilton, Harrington Mann, and Henrietta Dubrey.

Oxford Hotels: The Old Bank Hotel
Oxford Hotels: The Old Bank Hotel - A room

Why Is It Called The Old Bank?

Th site where the Old Bank Hotel is located now was erected in 1775 on a site owned by the bankers William Fletcher and John Parsons and called “George Hall”. The entire building served as a bank from 1775 until 1980, when Jeremy Mogford bought it to create a hotel. 

Where is the Old Bank Hotel?

The hotel is located at 92-94 High St, Oxford OX1 4BJ.