What to See in Oxford

Historical Places, Landmarks, Parks & Museums

If you’re planning a visit to Oxford or have just moved there, you’re probably looking forward to seeing the city and its incredible landmarks. Oxford is a beautiful place with hundreds of historical locations, parks, and of course some of the oldest colleges in the world. Let us help prepare for your visit to Oxford! In this section you will find articles and pages about all the different landmarks and activities to make the most of your Oxford visit.

Did you know Oxford has a medieval castle? And a Saxon tower? The city is not just the home place of one of the oldest universities in the world, it’s also a fascinating British town with a large variety of historical places and incomparable landmarks. Browse All >

Oxford is home to numerous museums and art galleries. There really is something for everyone in the city. For example, the Ashmolean Museum has some of the most beautiful archaeological pieces in the entire country, while Modern Art Oxford showcases contemporary exhibitions and projects. Browse All >

The Oxfordshire Museum

The Oxfordshire Museum

The Oxfordshire Museum is located in Woodstock (in Fletcher’s House, Park Street, opposite the Bear Hotel) and tells the story of the County of Oxfordshire

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The Story Museum - Oxford

The Story Museum

The Story Museum is an unusual museum. Located in the heart of Oxford, it celebrates the power of stories. Fly through a thousand years of

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There are many parks and meadows in Oxford you can visit and use for sports, picnics, walks, and dates. You have the Oxford University Parks, the Botanic Garden, and Christ Church Meadow among many others. They are all beautiful oxford spots no matter the time of the year! Browse All >

Oxford's Port Meadow - Image courtesy of Danny Chapman

Port Meadow

Port Meadow is a large open space in the north and west of Oxford. The River Thames flows through the heart of this ancient area

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You can also do some shopping in Oxford! Explore some of the little secret shops around the city, attend a regatta, or stop by a historical bookshop. These are all great options if you’re visiting Oxford. Browse All >

Explore new and familiar locations, visit the parks, step into a college, or drop by one of the many quirky shops Oxford has to offer. Browse All >