Oxford Walks & Walking Tours Oxford

Are you looking forward to visiting Oxford but a little curious about what you will see and do? And do you prefer to move at your own pace? If that’s the case, then you’ll probably enjoy these self-guided walking tours of Oxford and its surrounding areas. I’ve included guides to visit colleges, museums, and libraries, but also wanders and walks to explore this beautiful city no matter how long you’ve lived here.

Self-Guided Walking Tours for Oxford Visitors

Let’s start with some popular walking tours you can do if you’re visiting the city of Oxford for the first time or you haven’t yet explored its main attractions. If you’re new to the area, I recommend you first check out this free Oxford self-guided tour, which will allow you to see the main attractions (including museums, colleges, and a little bit of shopping) even if you only got a couple of hours to spend in the city. 

Self-Guided Walking Tours of Oxford Attractions

I love visiting Oxford’s museums and colleges, so I’ve also, in time, come up with a few guides that cover specific attractions and places. For example, if you like archaeology and history, you can check my Ashmolean Museum walking tour guide, which includes the best pieces you can see there. I’ll keep adding guides here, so make sure you come back if you want to check them out.

Other Tours and Experiences

If you enjoy a pre-planned wander, though, you will probably prefer some of these experiences offered by various reliable companies in Oxford. For instance:

Self-Guided Walks and Wanders Around Oxford

Oxford has so many parks and meadows to explore! They are perfect for a quiet walk, a little bit of exercise, or even a date. In this section, you will find free self-guided tours and wander ideas for both Oxford and its surrounding areas.  

Christ Church Meadow Self-Guided Walking Tour

A map with everything you should see if you’re going for a walk around Christ Church Meadow. 

Brasenose Wood Self-Guided Walking Tour

A short path if you’re looking to spend some quiet time walking around Brasnose Wood.

If you want to learn more about Oxford and its history, university, and shops, you can check out these articles – which cover a little bit of everything as there’s so much to do and see in Oxford. 

Things to Do in Oxford

Looking for things to do and enjoy while you’re in Oxford? Here are some suggestions, from quirky shops to escape rooms, art galleries, and sports. 

O’Reilly Theatre Oxford

O’Reilly Theatre

The O’Reilly Theatre is one of Oxford’s newest student theatres, opened in October 2002 and located in the grounds of Keble College. The O’Reilly is one of Oxford’s newest student theatres.

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Shops to See in Oxford: Blackwell's Bookshop. A Massive Historical Store. Image courtesy of Chuca Cimas.

Blackwell’s Bookshop

Blackwell’s Bookshop first opened its doors in 1879, on Broad Street, Oxford. They have been trading continuously from there ever since. The History of Blackwell’s Bookshop The first Blackwell’s Bookshop

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